System Volume

“Balmain System Volume is a fast, professional extension system that is only offered by selective Balmain Hair partner salons. HNB Studio is proud to be one of these salons and we are excited to bring this amazing service to our clients.”

For a wide variety of reasons, many clients are interested in hair volumizing products to help them achieve and maintain specific hair styles. At HNB Studio, we are pleased to be able to offer our clients access to one of the most exciting hair services available that directly addresses those concerns.

The Balmain System Volume service at HNB Studio offers clients an opportunity to enhance the overall volume of their hair using a new and revolutionary extension system that was created to be not only luxurious and natural but also far easier to apply than traditional extension systems.

Perfect for clients with thin hair, straight hair or curly hair, System Volume can be seamlessly integrated with both normal and fine hair types and will put an end to all of your low hair volume woes.

Balmain System Volume….(starting at)$300